HDMI is an integral part of today’s technology world. It’s the most widely-used connectivity standard for streaming high-definition video and multi-channel audio.

There are currently over 1,000 manufacturers that have adopted the HDMI standard, integrating it into their own products.

The biggest complaint about HDMI? It’s not wireless. It’s a pain in the ass to connect cable to cable when trying to stream HDMI to a new source – and HDMI cables aren’t cheap.

No more worries.

AIRTAME has created a new HDMI dongle that allows you to communicate wirelessly via HDMI. No more wires across the room just to show your family vacation video to friends.

Load the AIRTAME software on another computer and stream to that computer as well. Create a public or private, password-protected stream. With AIRTAME, you can show any content from any computer all by simply plugging in a small dongle. Finally!

The AIRTAME dongle and software is just about ready to hit the market and it will be priced at just under $90.

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