Audiovox Car Connection

Someday, there will be an internet of things and all devices will be connected to a global cloud. Until that happens, it’s the simple conveniences that we desire.

It used to be that everyone had a dial-up modem and all the talk was the coming of high-speed internet. Now that high-speed internet has become the de facto standard in most homes, we want more. The next logical step is internet access in the car.

Meet the Audiovox Car Connection. The device has it’s own cellular data connection and allows you to access the internet anytime you’re in the car.

The cost is $170 with a $19.95 activation fee and a $9.95 monthly subscription fee. Your subscription also allows you to track the location of your car and track it from anywhere. A handy parenting feature sends you text alerts if your vehicle is is traveling over 75 mph or goes outside a predefined area that you designate. You can even track your lost car in the parking lot by using your cell phone.

The Car Connection sits on your dashboard and it’s as small as a saltine cracker. It plugs directly into your on-board diagnostic system, which every automobile since 1996 is equipped with.

Road trips just got a whole lot more fun.

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