Did you get the new Play Station 4 gaming system yet? It’s pretty bad ass – but if you’re an avid gamer, you’re going to need a larger hard drive.

The PS4 unit comes stock with a 500GB hard drive. The average game download these days is 50GB.

500GB is also the full capacity and not what can actually be used so you’re probably looking at about 6-8 games worth of storage realistically.

Thankfully, the hard drive can be swapped. You can use any commercial laptop hard drive as a replacement – just make sure the drive is larger than 9.5mm. It must also be at least 160GB, but we’re assuming you don’t want to swap out your 500GB for something less.

PS4 console

First on the list is downloading the PS4 firmware to a USB flash drive that’s a minimum of 1GB capacity.

Next up – remove the glossy black panel on top of your PS4. You’ll see the hard drive and with nothing more than a Philips screwdriver, you can remove it. Remove the screw with the PlayStation button symbols, slide out the tray, flip it over and remove the black screws.

Insert new hard drive. Make sure the connecting ports are facing outward.

Sony was kind enough to make this task even easier than it was on the PS3, since you’re no longer required to buy a Sony hard drive as a replacement.

Microsoft, take note.

Enjoy all those new Sony games and download away!

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