How to Warm Your Bed Sheets in 3 Minutes


Wouldn’t it be nice to hop into bed every night and lay on sheets that feel like they were just pulled from the dryer?

That’s the idea behind new startup company, BEDJET, LLC. They’ve developed an innovative new technology that allows for rapid bed heating and cooling.

Inventor, Mark Araml, says the system is far superior to electric blankets, which take nearly 30 minutes to be fully warmed. “The BEDJET provides an ‘out of the dryer’ feel for your sheets and blankets in three minutes or less.”

How’s it work? The BEDJET operates by pushing fresh room temperature air on the sleeping area of the bed. It works with any mattress, by clipping into the foot of the bed. The unit itself is small enough to fit under the bed and remain hidden from view.

The BEDJET in action

A hose from the unit is placed under the sheets at the foot of the bed and the unit is powered on for a few minutes. Convection allows for the even displacement of air throughout the bed and your mattress is perfectly heated or cooled.

Need a little more heat pumped in or don’t feel like getting out of bed to turn the unit off? No problem. Thanks to an intelligent design, you can remote control the BEDJET via your smartphone. The software will be open source, as well – allowing for anyone to add to the functionality of the BEDJET.

The BEDJET is planned to cost $399. This is our only issue with it, as it really doesn’t appear to consist of much more than a blower hose and small motor that pushes temperature-controlled air. There’s nothing shockingly new or innovative at the root of it all.

For this reason, we’ll likely be waiting a few years, and a few price drops, to buy ours, but hey.. if $400 sounds like a bargain to you, jump in and let us know how you liked it!

Add a big-screen TV in your bedroom and there may never be another reason to use the couch again.

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  • Laura

    Interesting device, this should definitely be interesting to try. :D