How To Find Success In Six Steps

Schwarzenegger in peak condition

There’s some great success stories all around us. If you’re trying to create your own success story, consider the six rules that helped Arnold Schwarzenegger become a champion body builder, mega-movie star and former Governor of California – just to name a few of his remarkable achievements.

This video is a mashup of Arnold and quite simply – we liked it. Contained within is the speech in which Schwarzenegger personally delivers his six steps for success:

  • Rule #1: Trust yourself.
  • Rule #2: Break some rules.
  • Rule #3: Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Rule #4: Avoid the nay-sayers.
  • Rule #5: Work like hell.
  • Rule #6: Give something back.

Rather you’re a Schwarzenegger fan or not, there’s no denying that following these rules could pave the road to success for anyone. Great advice from a great champion – and for a great champion.

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