How To Buy Your Lady Exactly What She Wants

shopping with girlfriend

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you want to get that perfect gift for the one you love without asking her to outright tell you exactly what she wants, here’s a great technique for making it happen.

There will inevitably be trips made to stores you’re not in favor of going – and clothing stores rank highest among “trips to stores that guys have a lack of interest in attending”. Accept the inevitable and this time, instead of griping about the boredom factor, use this time to your advantage.

Most likely, you won’t have to encourage her to try on different outfits. Make sure she knows that you don’t mind her taking her time on this day. It’s all for the greater purpose – and one you’re keeping a secret. She’ll find a couple items she wants to purchase and while shopping, she’ll likely display a love for an item or two that is “cute as can be”, but stating how she “just can’t see paying that much for something”.

There it is! Tell her to try it on anyway, that you want to see how she looks in it. What you’re really after is the size so you’ll know it’s the perfect gift. Often though, she’ll hold it up and you can comment by saying “isn’t that a little big for you?” She’ll just smile and tell you if it’s the right size or if it really does need to be bigger or smaller.

After you leave and go back home, make an excuse to get out of the house for a few minutes and immediately head back to the store. There’s nothing worse than feigning interest in her clothes shopping only to return for the clothing days later and realize it’s gone for good.

After a couple successful holidays of this, you’ll get quite good at it and you’ll realize there’s no better way to shop for gifts.

This strategy is especially effective when done a few months in advance. Plan well ahead for each holiday, be it her birthday, Valentines Day or Christmas. Your favorite girl won’t even remember showing you that item and talking about it. She’s looked at dozens of different clothing articles since. Just be sure to always get the items that aren’t too unusual looking. Stick to solid prints and standard cuts.

After the second or third time pulling this off, she’ll be bragging to all her friends about the amazing taste in clothes her man has. You get to be the hero and you’ll never again have to spend time mulling around the mall before the big day – wondering, “what in the hell am I going to buy her?”

It’s the perfect way to always get her exactly what she wants.

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