How To Get Kobe’s Shoes

Wanna’ play basketball like Kobe Bryant? Then you’re going to need his shoes!

Bryant is hot “off the heels” of working with Nike designer Eric Avar and they’ve come up with a rather colorful design dubbed the Kobe Prelude VIII. The shoe is said to be a representation of the “road back” that Bryant is having to endure, after a season-ending injury stole his chances for another playoff ring last year.

There’s a newly created Nike mesh that is a first for a basketball shoe – intended for greater breathability and flexibility. There’s even a small mirror on the back of the heel – symbolic of “reflection” in Bryant’s career. Hmm… All that’s missing is an image of Bryant shedding a single tear on the side.

This pair of shoes is sleek, ultra-light, fast – and dare we say, loud? Visualize a male peacock eating a bag of cotton candy – every color is in these shoes.

Nike Kobe Prelude VIII

Here’s a first-look at the new marketing video for the Kobe Prelude VIII. The shoes are said to have a starting price of $180.

What do you think? Do these shoes make you want to run to the store.. or just run?

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