How To Bake Bacon In The Oven


I am man and therefore I love bacon. Or maybe, “I love bacon, therefore I am man”. Either way, you can’t stress the importance of bacon in a man’s life enough.

Engrained deep in the heart of every man is a fervent, undying love for that salty, cured meat, cut fresh from the pig and cooked to perfection. Eating bacon is as good as it gets at meal time – breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Cooking bacon though? That’s never been quite as much fun. If you’re like I was, you cook your bacon like Mom did, in a big skillet on top of the stove – desperately trying to separate each piece and evenly cook more bacon that a skillet was meant to hold.

Well stop that nonsense. Have you tried baking your bacon? It’s the perfect way to cook bacon. Cooking your bacon in the oven is much faster than cooking it on top of your stove, and it gets just as crispy and tastes exactly the same – delicious.

Once you bake bacon, you’ll never go back to the stove-top method. It’s just so much easier!

Simply lay some non-stick foil over a baking sheet, spread your bacon out (it’s okay for each piece to touch the side of a neighboring piece) and cook at 400 degrees for exactly 18 minutes.

foil on a baking sheet

Two baking sheets of bacon
Use two baking sheets if necessary
child putting bacon in oven
Let your child help with putting the bacon in the oven
cooked bacon fresh from the oven
Your bacon looks and tastes great after oven cooking it.
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