How To Brown Bag It For Lunch

insulated brown paper bag

Remember all those brown paper bag lunches that were forced on you as a kid? In retrospect, brown bagging it was pretty cool – reserved for those days we left our favorite superhero lunchboxes at school.

Mom always grabbed one of those tall, cheap brown bags and she’d fill it with small treasures. Opening it up and looking inside, we would find sandwiches, some piece of fruit and often, some unanticipated snack that had us already excited about lunch. We were under strict orders not to eat our food until lunch though – and it was the age of compliance so we simply followed our given instructions and waited for meal time.

Lunchtime finally arrived. Half the time, our brown bag was wet with the bottom falling out, from improper handling and care, but there was nothing to worry about. Mom always carefully wrapped those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with love – in those cheap, little sandwich bags. They did an adequate job of keeping our sandwiches dry.

Adding to the joy of the moment was the pint-sized chocolate milk that occasionally replaced the white milk. Sharing a few laughs and making a few food trades with some good friends enriched the experience all the more.

If you enjoyed the days of brown bag lunches, you might consider bringing the tradition back. How about a brown bag sack lunch for work?

Cool Products USA brown paper bagNo need to invest in those cheap, paper bags any longer though. Like everything else today, the brown bag has been given an upgrade.

Cool Products USA is offering the brown bag in a fully-insulated material that is tear-proof and snaps closed with a double magnet. You can even fold the top down like the bags of old, ensuring that the hot or cold temperature inside is maintained.

The price is only $19.95. If you’re fond of eating out every day for lunch, this might also make a great White Elephant Christmas gift.

Everyone loves to be reminded of those problem-free days of childhood. The brown paper bag lunch bag might bring back a few memories and it’s a great way to pack a lunch.

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