Here’s a little trick that will come in handy when you’re trying to open a bottle of wine for that special someone who dropped by, only to realize that you can’t find that damn corkscrew yet again!

This also serves as a great way to win a bar bet.

opening wine with a shoe

Use your shoe to open a bottle of wine

Remove your shoe and place the bottle of wine inside the heel. A nice snug fit works best.

Find a hard, vertical surface, such as a tree or brick wall, and firmly strike the heel of the shoe against it. After a few hits, you’ll notice the cork slowly making it’s way out of the bottle.

The science behind this is a process known as cavitation.

While striking a firm surface, backward acceleration causes the top bubble of air inside the bottle shift to the bottom. With each smack of the bottle, the air bubble is compressed further, creating significantly lower pressure by the cork and causing small bubbles to form under the cork. The small bubbles serve as the fulcrum to push the cork out of the bottle.

Do not use this technique to get gunpowder out of a bullet.

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