How To Check Your Propane Level

propane tank

Ever wonder if you’re about to run out of propane in your 20-gallon tank? Nothing worse than planning a big barbecue and then watching that fire fizzle out just as your guests arrive and you get the burgers on.

Or maybe you use a propane heater for working outside? If so, it’s even more important to always make sure the fuel tank is full.

If you’re considering buying a gauge for your propane tank to know how much propane is left, don’t do it. Keep in mind that propane is a liquid and becomes a gas only when released to atmospheric pressure. Since there is a large percentage of air also under pressure, a gauge that promises to accurately read the amount of propane under pressure (that gas left in the tank) will not be accurate.

Thankfully, there’s an easier way.

Simply fill a pan with hot water from your faucet. Dump it down the side of your propane tank and immediately reach out and feel the side of the tank, running your hand from top to bottom.

The area without propane, at the top of the tank, will be warm from the hot water. As you move your hand downward, you’ll quickly know where the air ends and the propane begins, as the area of the tank that has remaining propane will remain cold to the touch – even after extremely hot water has been poured on it.

It’s a completely free and super-easy way to always know exactly how much propane you have left.

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