How To Fight Being Kidnapped For Christ

Lance Bass

In his early twenties, Lance Bass enjoyed fame and fortune as a member of the 90’s pop boy band ‘N Sync – a band that has sold over 50 million albums. N’Sync still holds the record for most album sales in a single day – over one million. While Bass was engaged in creating one of the most iconic boy bands of all time, he carried a secret that only a few of his closest friends knew and a secret he later revealed in a 2006 edition of People magazine. Lance Bass is gay.

Bass wrote a memoir the next year entitled Out-of-Sync, in which he chronicled his journey in the limelight and his struggle to keep his secret during the height of his popularity.

Since this time, Bass has moved on to form his own production company and he’s a staunch advocate for gay rights. He has also formed The Lance Bass Foundation, created to meet the health and educational needs of children. His most recent project is entitled Kidnapped For Christ, a film that details the experience of three teenagers, kidnapped from their American homes and sent to Escuela Caribe a reform school in the Dominican Republic. The school is actually a “modification” camp with a goal of breaking down young, gay teens and rebuilding them into “normal” heterosexual persons.

The billion dollar business of “gay camps” is a highly controversial topic. The camps are usually created overseas, with the purpose of being unregulated in how they operate.

Bass was instantly attracted to his latest film project when co-producer, Mike Manning, showed him a film segment detailing what life was like in the camp. Film footage was acquired by Director Kate Logan, who was allowed to film inside the camp after revealing her initial intentions of detailing the positive outcomes of attending Escuela Caribe. What she found, instead, was a horrifying look into a world where young, gay people are stripped of their every freedom – where rules are enforced by homophobics and abuse is part of every day life.

“People in prison don’t have it nearly as bad, because they have rights,” said Bass. “These kids are stripped of everything.

The cast and crew of Kidnapped For Christ
The cast and crew of Kidnapped For Christ

Camp kids are usually surrounded by barbed wire and an armed guard is nearby. Letters are only allowed to people on an approved mailing list and all incoming/outgoing mail is read by the staff before being delivered. The diet is mostly sugar and fat with very little protein to support the arduous tasks required every day. Permission must be granted to simply walk across a room. You can read a very personal account of one young man’s ordeal at Escuela Caribe here.

Escuela Caribe has since been shut down, largely due to an internet campaign exposing the atrocities within the camp but it has since reopened under a different name.

Lance Bass is to be credited for not only putting his name on this new film project, but he’s showing a side of Christianity that many people don’t get to see. Bass exudes a strong faith and states, “I’m so glad that God made me gay, because I don’t know if I would’ve been so open-minded, if I was just a normal straight white guy from Mississippi.”

If you’re interested in joining the fight and stopping the practice of being kidnapped for Christ, Kate Logan offers two steps that can be taken:

1) Contact your member of Congress and encourage them to pass the “Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act” bill.

2) Contact U.S. Representative John Kline, Chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, and ask him to bring the bill up for a vote in the U.S. House.

Furthermore, support this film and help spread a most important message – It is not for man to judge the heart of another man. God is love and he loves us all equally – regardless of sexual orientation.

Kidnapped For Christ Trailer from Kidnapped For Christ on Vimeo.

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