How To Know If A Job Applicant Is Lying

Elon Musk

Getting ready to hire someone for a new position and wondering if the job applicant is a good problem solver?

Problem solving skills are among the leading skills that are desired by any employer – right up there with communication, being a team player and the ability to both plan and organize.

So how do you accurately gauge the problem solving skills of any person in a 30 minute interview? Is there really any way to know if the claimed skills are as advertised – or if you’re staring at someone who is primarily concerned with only saying what you want to hear?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and founder of PayPal, offers up some great advice in determining how honest a job applicant is being in regards to solving problems.

Must starts with a common interview question – asking the applicant to explain a difficult problem once encountered and how a solution was ultimately found.

But here’s where Musk separates the experts from the neophytes.

“When you struggle with a problem, that’s when you understand it,” notes Musk and he further advises that anyone who has really struggled with a problem will be able to explain it on multiple levels.

Musk makes a case for all of us to view problems in a different light. When the struggle begins – that’s when learning begins and the greater the struggle, the more knowledgeable we become.

If a man wishes to always improve his cognitive skills, he should learn to welcome the struggles before him – even invite them in. The greater the struggle, the more a man gains.

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