How to Make Positive Change In Life

Man burning with a fire inside

Enough is enough. January, 2014 is a time for change. We think about it, dwell on it and plan for it but how many make it happen? People talk of the many great things they will accomplish every year and the positive changes that will occur. They get excited and “fist pump” while envisioning a new road of progress – for whatever new goal they have. Unfortunately, the motivation fades after an average of about 3 days. What happened? What did they get wrong?

They didn’t Take Action. Talk is cheap and without taking action, it’s going to be another year of the same. The same isn’t necessarily bad, but we all know you’re capable of much more – you’ve always known it and you’ve always wanted to show that side of you. Now is the time.


Forget all the tweets or Facebook posts about motivation and the promises of how this year will be different. Real change requires creating new habits – and that means doing something over and over again until it becomes engrained in your lifestyle.

The first couple days? That’s the easy part. You’re motivated and ready to change – but what happens when the initial excitement wears off? This is where the real successful people are separated from those living a less ordinary life.

It’s the commitment and dedication to go the extra mile, time and time again, that creates an attitude of winning – that ensures you of attaining your goals.

Setbacks? They’ll happen. Obstacles? Inevitable. How will you maneuver the course when these challenges present themselves? Will you keep moving forward or will you let them beat you? Attaining goals is easy on paper. There are no obstacles to deal with – no pain. Expect pain and prepare a plan for how you will deal with it.

The decision to be great must happen today. Believe that everything you’ve accomplished before now, no matter how great or small the feat, is minor in comparison to what you will achieve this year.

Let desire fuel you. What one man can do, so can another. Let the desire for excellence motivate you and take you to new heights.

Today is the best opportunity for change that you’ll ever have. Every year makes it a little more difficult, so why not start now? If you can’t do it this year, why would next year be any different? What’s stopping you from making today the best day you make the decision to be your absolute best and meant it?

Let’s stop just talking about change. Let’s man up – show everyone the fire that is inside and what we’re capable of by accepting nothing less than excellence of ourselves this year. Let’s achieve the unthinkable and succeed like never before.

Let’s take action, over and over again. Let’s commit and look back at 2014 as the year we finally did it – the year of change and the year we achieved the dreams we always knew we were capable of.

2014 – No excuses. Let’s make this happen.

And Happy New Year!

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