How To Make The Most Of Apartheid

Tevor Noah

Stand-up comedian, Trevor Noah, grew up in South Africa under the oppression of apartheid. His very birth was considered a crime – his father of Swiss descent and his mother, South African.

Growing up in such dismal circumstances could easily allow for an individual to have a very negative self-view but Noah shows no defeat in his spirit – and his list of accomplishments is ever growing.

Noah did not let his circumstances dictate the life he was born to live and the message he seems intent on delivering. Fluent in several languages that he dedicated himself to learning, the South African comedian displays a visionary power and fierce intellect while delivering his humor.

Sitting in the audience and watching the genius of Trevor Noah, you can almost feel the pain that formed his sense of humor. As one youtuber writes, “Oftentimes comedy is just tragedy rephrased”.

Noah is the first South African comedian to appear on The Tonight Show in 2012 – also appearing on David Letterman in 2013.

Check out the 2012 documentary You Laugh But It’s True to learn more about Trevor Noah.

For now though.. sit back and enjoy his brilliant comedy.

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