How To Understand And Appreciate Graffiti

graffiti art on bus

Graffiti is an art form like no other. Originally coined from the Italian word graffiato, which means scratched, graffiti has etched itself a place in the history of art. The term now encompasses all forms of drawings illicitly placed on public surfaces.

While some still choose to view graffiti as a form of vandalism, there is no arguing that graffiti artists view themselves as contemporary artists – and their art is part of a powerful art movement that will forever inspire a great, many people.

For those specifically interested in London’s graffiti subculture, author and photographer, Will Robson Scott, has a new book entitled Crack On, Shine On – the final installment of a three book series.

For six years, Scott immersed himself in the world of graffiti. His book presents a unique perspective – photographing and showcasing some of the world’s best graffiti artists while they work. It’s art on art and while the images are beautifully captured, the biggest surprise of this book might be in how thought-provoking it is. There’s much more going on here than just art on public walls. There’s a lifestyle that’s detailed and romantically explored. While reading, you’ll discover a world where the moments in between the art are every bit as interesting as the art itself.

Pick up a copy of Crack On, Shine On today.

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