Ah.. the appeal of American football. Rugged men in spandex, throwing around a pigskin while trying to covet the sacred ground known as The End Zone. If baseball is America’s sport, football isn’t far behind – and there’s a lot of football fans who will swear it’s surpassed MLB and friends.

But still.. there are those unknowing persons who have yet to understand the sport of football. They haven’t achieved “football enlightenment”.

No worries. Thanks to animator and designer, Fraser Davidson, the rules of football can be easily explained. He’s created a short video that covers all the basics in less than three minutes.

Mind you, some liberties have been taken. There’s a small jab at liberals and how “American football is the story of America herself – a tale of taking other people’s land by force”.

Humor aside, this is a great video to send the girl at work who complains “I just don’t understand football!”.

Silence, disconcerted one! Now you know.

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