Taking a dump at work is pretty much inevitable. Most of us despise using the public bathrooms for the purpose of number two but there’s often no getting around it and it becomes a number one priority. As you spend much of your life at work, there are times when you have to poop there.

But there are rules!

You’re probably aware of this already. But how about those coworkers of yours?

You get irritated by Brian in accounting, who seemingly has no shame in sitting down in the stall next to you and allowing his body to produce a cacaphony of sounds like no person should ever have to hear.

Brian doesn’t even engage in the “courtesy flush” – creating a stench that most roadkill isn’t capable of.

You wonder how Brian can possibly come out talking about things in a “business as usual” manner but he does so without a hint of shame.

Brian’s unaware of the rules. You might need to send him this video of pooping instructions and hope he’ll get the hint.

Here’s how to poop at work.

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