How To Buy A Wooden Bow Tie

wooden bow tie created by Marv Beloff

If you’re looking for a unique accessory to finish out that wardrobe and add a smart look, look no further than the wooden bow tie.

Marv Beloff is the brainchild behind the wooden bow tie. He hand carves each bow tie that is sold and he promises that no two bow ties are alike.

The finished product is a very natural looking bow tie design that suggests a tightly folded fabric. Prices range from $49 for many nice selections to over $100, for a completely custom created and personalized bow tie.

In addition to adding a sexy look, a hand made wooden bow tie is certain to make you the topic of conversation at that normally dull dinner party.

Marv Beloff makes ties in a bow, and with wood there is no need to sew. Done with chisel and mallet and a bit of his talent, so no woe bestows to this pro.

Beloff attributes success of any kind a three-step process – passion, persistence and repetition. “Do it over and over again and you do get it right”, says Beloff.

He’s certainly mastered the art of the wooden bow tie. Get one today and rock that three-piece suit.

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