How To Make Crash Hot Potatoes

Cooked Crash Hot Potatoes

“Crash Hot Potatoes” are one of those foods that fall into the category of “recipes every man should know”.

They’re simple to make, certain to impress your dinner guests and… they’re potatoes. What guy doesn’t love potatoes? If you’re a fan of fried potatoes, then you’re going to absolutely love these.

Seasoned Crash Hot PotatoesThe tater recipe (and name) was originally created by Australian cook book author, Jill Dupleix, and had it not been for a good friend visiting from Australia, I’d still be “out of the know” and wasting precious dinner time cooking up substandard baked potatoes for my guests.

Our Australian friend insisted on helping my wife to cook up dinner – and thank goodness!

This isn’t to take anything away from my wife’s cooking, as she does a marvelous job but but even she swears she’ll probably never cook another baked potato again. These were an instant favorite for the whole family.

They’re not only tasty but they’re quite healthy too!

How To cook Crash Hot Potatoes

We don’t feature many dishes unless they meet our criteria – super yummy and super easy to make. Mom’s vegetarian chili might be the only exception, but it’s well worth the extra time.

For this recipe, simply preheat your oven to 450 degrees and boil desired amount of spuds on top of the stove until fork tender.

Get your baking sheet out and throw some coconut oil on the bottom.

Mashing Crash Hot PotatoesGrab your potato masher and let your toddler get in on the action, gently smashing each one down – but not too flat!

Drizzle some extra-virgin olive oil on top and season with salt, pepper and whatever else your taste buds desire. Top with some parmesan cheese and bacon bits, if you enjoy.

Bake for exactly 20 minutes and that’s it! Crispy on the outside, like your favorite plate of fried potatoes, and deliciously soft-baked on the inside.

Serve with a good ol’ fashioned homemade burger and you may vow to start eating out far less.

Crash Hot Potatoes are the most delicious potatoes around!

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