How To Add Space To Your Home With Furniture

Resource Furniture Bunk Beds

Need a little more room in your home? You might be surprised at the amount of space you can add by choosing the right furniture.

Resource Furniture is a New York based based furniture maker that has become the leader in space-saving furniture and some of their designs will simply amaze you.

The furniture is revolutionary in the way it folds away – often serving as two separate distinct pieces of furniture. Talk about a great way to clean up before a date!

Watch a 5 1/2 foot desk transform into a bed – without disturbing the contents on the desk. Check out a pair of bunk beds that fold away into the width of one foot against the wall.

That’s just some of the amazing designs by Resource Furniture. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on all products.

With six locations, you can browse more than 40 models of wall beds, bunk beds, freestanding sofa/wall-bed systems, closet and storage systems, and work space solutions.

It’s beautiful furniture that’s sure to help you achieve your interior decoration dreams and it’s guaranteed to give your home more space than you ever thought possible.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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