If you’re ever traveling by way of Berryville, Arkansas, we encourage you to stop in and visit a convenience store museum like none others. You might think you’re passing through Mayberry, as you get out and have a look around.

Jerry Tanksley is the owner of Memory Lane Museum, a memorabilia-filled gas station, general store, post office and motel that is sure to take you back in time.

Tanksley started collecting memorabilia over twelve years ago and he’s amassed historical relics from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

You’ll see many items from the days of old, including a historical popcorn trolley, early-model gas pumps, vintage signs and some cool looking Coca-Cola products.

Tanksley recalls a visitor who started crying on entering his shop, exclaiming that she now realized she was old, but for most people, his vintage collection conjures up only smiles and laughter.

If you’re looking to buy any of these old items, you can forget it.

“I’ve had people from every state begging me to sell something and I say no,” says Jerry. “I built this for people to enjoy and look at and bring their memories back.”

Tanksley collects the items in an attempt to promote tourism in his area. He’s currently working the city to help promote his new museum and he’s hoping to get some tour bus traffic making regular stops to his establishment.

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