How To Get Your Original Song Heard

Unsigned Only Logo with 'Get Noticed' sign

Are you an aspiring song-writer/singer looking to get noticed? Maybe you’re just a weekend musician who has one song that you feel passionate about – something you think could be the next big thing if there was a way to get it out there?

Yeah, there’s YouTube and publishing it online with the hopes of getting a lot of ‘Likes’, but wouldn’t it be great to skip the layman’s approach and have some top music artists in the industry give your tune a listen?

Enter Unsigned Only, the music competition for unsigned artists who want to be heard by top record-label decision makers.

Unsigned Only is a website developed by the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) and they’re looking for raw talent.

If you’ve ever wanted to pitch a song, this might be the best opportunity out there. For a $30 entry fee (per category), you can submit your song to as many categories as you like.

Judging criteria includes originality, songwriting/arrangement, vocals, performance, and overall likeability. The Vocal Performance category will be judged solely on the vocals.

Judges include dozens of professional artists with some of the top names in the music business, such as John Oates, Rosanne Cash and 3 Doors Down.

It’s also worth mentioning that Unsigned Only is looking for the total package so be sure to put the extra effort in to all aspects of creating and presenting your tune. You can submit an original song or cover song to any category.

Who knows? We might be lining up to grab your new CD off the shelves at this time next year.

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