Looking for a completely unique bicycle that is sure to turn a lot of heads? Check out the sandwich bike.

Weighing in at just over 37 pounds, the sandwich bike is delivered to your front door in a small box – complete with all the tools you need to have you rolling in about 30 minutes.

It’s short on accessories but doesn’t need them. It would detract from the overall cool look. It does come with a rear brake that is engaged when pedaling backwards. The bike is also rain-proof so no need to worry about getting your wood wet.

The sandwich bike is a “one size fits all” creation but it’s advertised to accommodate any average-sized rider.

This bike isn’t what you want for your next triathlon but it will give you the urge to ride a little more. The price is currently set at $1089.36 and delivery is promised in one to two weeks. Grab yours today and get your wood on.