As the web evolves, more and more eyes are watching your internet habits. Your internet provider records every website you visit and every online activity you engage in. Anyone with bad intentions and moderate computer skills can learn how to hack the passwords you use on any site during your internet session in your favorite “quiet time” coffee shop.

There’s never been a better time to use a VPN tunnel.

A VPN, or virtual private network, creates a private tunnel – right from your computer to the website you’re visiting. No more spying eyes or open packets traveling to and from your computer.

There are those who use VPN for downloading illegal content, such as movies and music, but a VPN is worth far more. Every public network that you connect to means another easy opportunity for a hacker to steal your information. Safety and security is where a VPN really shines.

Creating a VPN allows you to connect to any public network and never again fear releasing your private information to the public. It means keeping your internet provider, such as AT&T U-verse, out of your business. No longer can they track the sites you’ve been visiting or what you’ve been doing online.

The Best Private VPN

PIA settings

Choose where your computer “calls” from and sign on

No need to work too hard researching because we’ve already checked into this for you – and we’ve tried several VPN alternatives.

The clear leader is PIA, or For only $40 a year, you can connect to PIA from anywhere and disguise your originating computer call from several US states or different countries. Verify the changes by taking a look at your own IP address.

Ever get banned from a particular site? Ever want to watch a MLB game that’s blacked out in your area? Is a particular site blocked in your country? These are all reasons more and more people are choosing to use a VPN.

PIA isn’t just nice for the price either. They go above and beyond in protecting your data by deleting any and all logs on their servers every night. It’s the perfect way to browse.

Security, peace of mind and privacy. It’s a great way to travel around the internet and hide all activity from your internet provider.

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