How To Save VHS To Computer

elgato video capture

If you’re like a lot of people who recorded movies in the 90s, or even earlier, you’ve got a lot of VHS tapes stored away in a box.

As it becomes increasingly more difficult to find a VCR for sale, we are reminded of the importance in converting all those VHS memories to a digital format. An even more important reason – magnetic tape in VHS tapes deteriorates over time and those memories will soon be lost forever.

What’s the best way to convert VHS to digital? What’s the easiest way?

While there exist a myriad of options to transfer VHS, Video8 and normal Hi8 to your computer, one of our highest recommendations is the Video Capture Device by Elgato.

Our favorite features of this capture device include superb video quality, 16-bit stereo and a great job in compressing both video and audio – keeping files small without sacrificing quality.

The Elgato is also incredibly easy to use. The included software will turn even the most technically challenged person into a video editing pro in no time at all.

With a list price of $99.95, you can grab this unit from Amazon for only $79.99. There are currently just under 700 reviews and the average rating is under five stars. Impressive!

Saving VHS to your computer couldn’t be easier.

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