How To Reply To An Ignored Email

man waiting on an email

Today’s tip is for the business professional who is organized, on top of his game and always socially responsible in responding to business emails.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your email recipient will show the same respect. Such an individual can negatively affect the deadlines you strive so hard to meet.

If you’re the emailer who constantly suffers at the hands of someone who doesn’t reply in a timely fashion, there’s a rather clever solution to your problem. After all, brewing and pouting isn’t helping anyone and it’s certainly not going to make for a quicker email reply.

Instead, try a method of attack that is sure to elicit a reaction of surprise and get you the response you’re after.

Confront your email nemesis. If you’re in the same office, make a physical trip to ensure a face to face meeting. If distance is too far, pick up the phone.

Once verbal communication is established, you’re ready to unleash your fury – but you’ll do this in the form of flattery and praise.

“Hey John.. I know that you’re a super-busy guy and everyone is in need of your expertise, but if you could reply to the email I sent you last week before the end of day, you’d be helping me out of a huge jam with a client. I’ll make it worth your while. What’s your price.. a six-pack of beer? A bottle of wine? A venti-sized mocha? Everyone loves those, right?”

By offering to buy John off and expressing the urgency of the situation, he’ll hopefully realize the importance of sending a response. Provided that John isn’t a total a-hole, he’ll decline your offer to buy him something – realizing that he shouldn’t accept payment for something that he should have already done in the first place – something that is part of his job.

On top of everything else, you’ve built rapport with John and that’s always a good thing to have with any coworker.

Regardless of a potentially improved relationship, make sure to maintain a list of people who tend to have a problem replying by email. This behavior isn’t likely to change so make a new habit of approaching them by phone or directly in person.

You’ve got better things to do with your time than track down people who aren’t professional enough to provide a timely response to an email. Now, you won’t have to worry about it.

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