How To Ride On Three Wheels

The Halfbike

If bike riding is your passion, you might want to check out the new Halfbike. Created for the purpose of “urban maneuverability”, the Halfbike is said to be best suited for rides of three miles or less. If you ride your bike on a sometimes busy sidewalk, the Halfbike is said to provide superior turning precision over any other bike design.

The Halfbike does away with the long-established handlebars and seat, typical of every other bicycle you’ve ever seen. You stand the entire time and steer with a custom-crafted plywood pole. You turn by leaning in with your body, much like someone on a skateboard.

Creators of the Halfbike, Mihail Klenov and Martin Angelov, have long shared an interest in cycling and architecture. They envisioned a bike that could provide a different type of experience while allowing for a better lower body workout.

The Halfbike requires the rider to keep their glutes and quads continually engaged to remain upright and in motion – and one bike size fits all.

You can contribute to the production of Halfbike over at Kickstarter and get some great discounts by pledging early.

If you’re looking for a completely unique bicycle that still has a seat, take a look at the sandwich bike – another very clever bike design.

Here’s a video of the Halfbike in motion.

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