How To Have Your Ketchup And Sriracha Too

bottle of Srirachup

Sriracha is awesome. I rarely meet a man who doesn’t enjoy it and when I do, I watch him with a guarded suspicion because seriously – How could you not like the stuff? It’s like passing on a plate of hot wings because you just had a salad.

I imagine Sriracha being the kind of stuff that fueled the Vikings in their quest to conquer Scotland. I envision the Spartans drinking full bottles while screaming at each other to get pumped up before rushing into Persia for battle.

But then heck.. I also see myself sitting on a beach, kicking back in my lawnchair, and dumping some Sriracha on a big ol’, plump hotdog and washing it all down with an ice-cold beer.

And then there’s ketchup. Ever tried that stuff on french fries? Of course you have – because you are man.

And the only thing that might be better than the two condiments above? Mixing them together, with just the right proportions. We need to retain the flavor of both while providing the zest and the kick.

Thank you, Srirachup. It’s the condiment combination that every man should celebrate.

It’s new enough that we haven’t been able to locate a bootle just yet but we’ll keep looking. The creating company says of the new sauce, “this well-balanced ketchup gives your taste buds a spicy kick and leaves you begging for more”.

A single jar contains two pounds of organic tomatoes and they kept the bad stuff out – no HFCS, gluten or artificial preservatives.

I think we have found a new kitchen condiment – and it looks good. We can’t wait to slap it on a burger.

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