How To Buy A Flying Catamaran

Flying Phantom on water

Those who have tried sailing can attest that there are few hobbies that compare. It’s an exhilarating feeling to be hiked out, flying across the water with spray in your face and wondering if this is what it feels like to fly?

Well Phantom International has upped the ante on sailing. Rather you’ve sailed before or not, the Flying Phantom is likely to blow your mind.

This new catamaran does away with the normal water drag and friction that has always been typical of sailing, using a hydrofoiling action that lifts the entire vessel about two feet out of the water.

The Flying Phantom in actionHydrofoiling, or “flying” technology was first introduced to sailing at the turn of the century, but the Flying Phantom is the first public offering utilizing the technology and the cost will only set you back a mere $40,000.

The Flying Phantom requires far less speed than traditional catamarans to “get going” and has a current max speed of 33 knots, with a newer version in production that will go an estimated 50 knots. That’s over 57 miles per hour without an attached motor!

It’s pure, unadulterated fun – flying and sailing at the same time.

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