How To Make Electricity From Rain Water

Omar Enrique Leyva Coca, Romel Brown and Gustavo Rivero Velázquez

Creating power from rain – sounds cool but impossible?

Not anymore. The new “Rain Wild” system was developed by three students from the Technological University of Mexico and not only does it work, it’s already being used to power low-income homes.

Rain Wild was the brainchild of Omar Enrique Leyva Coca, Romel Brown and Gustavo Rivero Velázquez – who said they created the idea after a simple discussion turned into a passion for invention.

How Rain Wild works is quite genius. It simply uses the water collected in rooftop gutters to spin a micro-turbine in a cylindrical housing. The turbine charges 12-volt batteries and the electricity is then used to power electrical appliances such as table fans or refrigerators as well as providing LED light. It can power any device that doesn’t occupy a maximum of 12 volts.

It’s not yet intended to supply power to an entire house but the three students are looking at different ways to increase power to the system.

The Rain Wild system illustrates the theme “Generation and transmission of water and energy” that promotes this year’s United Nations World Health Day to be held on March 22.

Electricity from rain – a great thing to know if case you ever get stranded on an island.

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