Chris Robinson saw the devastation that hit Japan in March of 2011 – which came by way of a deadly tsunami. It was enough to make the Palo Alto, California resident question the safety of his own home.

It’s an important question that should be asked by anyone living at the oceans edge; “What if?”

Pondering a solution leaves an individual with two alternatives:

1) Pack up and move
2) Build an ark

Robinson decided to opt for number two, except he took his ark a step further and turned it into a the most impressive pod ever built – at least by some guy in his back yard.

After two years of laborious devotion to the art of design and carpentry, Robinson is nearly finished with his one-of-a-kind floating vessel, named Tsunamiball. It’s a true treasure – and he’s saving it for a rainy day.

Robinson holding a piece of TsunamiballSeveral items impress in the story of Tsunamiball.

Robinson had never even built a boat before. He was unassisted in the project – an idea that developed through light-hearted conversation with friends.

Tsunamiball is built for durability, With 60 layers of marine-layer plywood.

Coming soon are solar panels, toilet and an electric motor – because hey, you don’t want to be just drifting around with no direction after a tsunami blows through.

Will it work? There’s only one way to find out – and hopefully, Robinson never has to put Tsunamiball to the test but this large sea-faring vessel is more than just a rescue pod for a tsuanmi.

Tsunamiball represents what one man is capable of – what we’re all capable of – when we focus on a singular goal and keep that dream afloat. It’s a project worthy of great admiration and respect.

Well done, Mr. Robinson.