How To Better Carry Your Keys

Panny device holding keys

Got a unorganized set of keys that look like a mess on your keychain? For whatever reason, the keychain is one of those popular items that’s been around forever – despite the fact that it’s probably the absolute worst way to carry your keys.

Oh sure – it satisfies the main function of keeping all your keys together but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find a particular key when you need it? And how about comfort? Most guys just throw a set of keys in the front jean pocket and deal with it.

Now, there’s a better way. …Or is there?

Panny is a new device to address all of the above needs. It allows for four keys to be neatly tucked away and you can put Panny in your pocket, clip it on or attach to anything you want.

Keeping the bottom of your keys concealed also means less scratching on that iPhone in your pocket too.

We have a beef with Panny though – and it’s that it only holds four keys. That’s kind of a piss-poor design decision as we see it. We asked around the office and most guys were carrying 5-6 keys. It’s doubtful anyone will be purchasing two or three Panny’s to replace their keyrings so we’ll keep a lookout for the world’s next great keychain idea and let you know.

If you like the Panny, you can head over to their website and find out more.. or watch the video below.

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