How To Build A Drone For Less Than $10

3d printed drone

If owning a drone has ever sounded appealing to you, the price barrier is no longer an issue.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield have successfully created the world’s first disposable drone – and they accomplished it by spending only $9.50.

The drone consists of nine parts and all of them are 3D printed using a technique known as fused deposition modelling.

The final product weighs in at 4 1/2 pounds and it’s just under five feet wide. All parts snap together and require no screws or glue of any kind.

Disposable drones are meant for one-way traffic. The idea could make deliveries far less expensive since the one-way technology makes for an easier system and printed parts make for throw-away drones on arrival. Another great use would be using drones to help put out major fires without fear of losing expensive equipment.

While no 3d instructions have been released to the public, developers say that it’s just a matter of time before anyone will be able to create a home drone. Planned improvements include an electric propulsion system for better control and testing with an even lighter material, which could make production cheaper yet.

Researchers point out that while the drone can be built for less than $10, it will require an on-board navigation system, so getting it where it needs to go will add additional cost. GPS is planned, with a controller guiding each drone through virtual goggles.

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