How To Buy A Bulletproof Suit

Diamond Armor bulletproof suit

What man among us wouldn’t want a bulletproof suit? It would make a man feel like he’s James Bond every time he walked into a room. Imagine how much more confidence Heisenberg would have had on Breaking Bad with a suit that deters bullets?

The Diamond Armor is the suit’s name and it carries a price tag of $3.2 million. Not too shabby!

Diamond Armor SuitIf you’re still not convinced, you should know that this suit does far more than simply keeping you from being shot down. It’s the love labor of several different companies and each one brings something unique to the final project.

There’s a plant nanotechnology fiber that protects against rain. Too hot outside? There’s a button that activates a small fan inside – which then blows cool air through an isolated, water-filled lining and makes you feel like you walked into an air-conditioned room.

If appearance is still the most important part of owning a bulletproof suit, you’ll be happy to know that the Diamond Armor is studded with 600 black diamonds in gold settings – a total of 140 carats.

Buyers also get a Swiss watch aligned with 280 black diamonds and a 24-carat golden silk tie, made by Weisbrod from Zurich and Empa. The tie uses a different nanotechnology that involves the combination of binding gold to silk threads – allowing the tie to be bent and washed but still bling when it counts most.

Inside, the suit’s lining is artistically displayed, with a signed reproduction of “Unidad Molecular Aleatoria” by Luciano Goizueta, which was featured in the 2012 film This Means War.

So rather you’re looking to start up your own cocaine drug cartel, hang out and look like Tony Stark at a business function or just wanting to be the coolest guy at the corporate Christmas party, this suit gets the job done.

Check out the CROSHIELD body armor used in the suit in the video below or check out the Diamond Armor website and take a closer look at the suit.

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