Want to ride at night without fear of not being seen? You need a glow in the dark bike.

There’s the tried and true method of slapping tape or stickers all over your bike, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a material that glows?

There’s a couple new options on the market that should satisfy biking enthusiasts everywhere – lighting up their midnight travels and making those nighttime rides much safer. It’s no fun to crash on a bike.

Purefixcycles offers several bikes that glow in different ways.

Select a bike with a glowing frame and forks, wheels only, or grab the Zulu and really light up the night.

Revo Juliet bike

The Revo Juliet bike is guaranteed to light up your bike rides

All bikes are currently priced at $399 except The Revo Juliet. This bike is said to have the brightest wheel lighting system on the market, utilizing the Revolights Bike Lighting System, and is priced at $599.

About Revolights

The patented Revolights Bike Lighting System consists of four narrow rings of LEDs—two white and two red—which mount directly to the front and rear wheels of your bicycle. Lithium-ion batteries, bracket-mounted to the front and rear hub, supply power to the LEDs. The batteries are lightweight and rechargeable via USB. A fork-mounted magnet and an integrated accelerometer provide speed and orientation data to the rings, allowing the LEDs to illuminate only when oriented at the front or rear of the bicycle.

The Lumen Glow Bike

Another great option for night riding is the new Lumen, currently a kickstarter project and a bit pricier at $1245.

The Lumen is unique in that it looks like any other bike during the day and only lights up at night when headlights hit it. You can even grab a black or silver model.

The material was inspired by street signs that glow at night and look quite ordinary during the day. The light that is cast on the Lumen is returned to it’s originating source – aka: the driver. This means that a black bike is still black at night and only lights up when you need it to.

The material is visible up to 1,000 feet away – which should always get you noticed.

Mission General Manager Jefferson McCarley says, “It’s a pretty faint glow for riding on city streets that are often already fairly well lit. It’s just not that bright. When light strikes the surface of the Lumen frame, it’s hard to miss.”

The Lumen offers 5 frame sizes so get fit and get yours if sparks your interest. It’s expected to ship this summer.

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