How To Calibrate Your Hearing Aid Online

iHear headphones

Losing your hearing is tough for anyone. How important is this sense? When 32 year old, Thomas Nelson, who suffers from both permanent hearing loss and sight was asked which sense he would choose to have back first, he stated that hearing would be the easy winner.

“Many people might think that sight would be the worst sense to lose, but sight can be overcome by developing a routine. Hearing is the worst though. I was a music lover but even the loss of music is something you come to accept. It’s not ever hearing the voice of those you love, not hearing children laughing or walking outside and never again hearing nature. That’s what you miss most of all. The world can be a lonely place when you can’t hear. Hearing is a far greater loss than sight.”

Understanding the importance of hearing can bring an understanding to the significance of technology developed for the improvement of hearing loss.

iHear is a new hearing device developed by Adnand Shennib, an engineer who wanted to do away with traditional hearing aids and use technology to create an inexpensive option that worked as well as hearing aids that normally cost thousands of dollars.

The iHear system comes with a bean-sized hearing device that gets inserted inside the ear canal, and a USB device that connects to an online website and gets calibrated and updated via the internet. Even the hearing test is done online and can be repeated anytime.

iHear hearing device

The result is a far superior design and price – and it’s an exceptional bargain for a newly designed hearing aid that is getting great reviews.

Claim your new iHear hearing aid by pledging $199 at indiegogo. They make great gifts too. The estimated delivery date is September of 2014.

iHear could make a significant difference in a world where the rate of hearing loss is increasing every year. It’s about time we all heard some good news.

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