How To Monitor Your Baby’s Sleeping Patterns

Monbaby sleep monitor

When I became a new parent, I imagined people would find me crazy if they knew how many times I went in my son’s room at night to make sure I could hear him breathing. If he was sleeping too quietly, I’d poke him a little to make him move around a bit.

Being in charge of an infant for the first time is a nerve-racking time in life!

My wife later admitted to doing the same thing and we laughed about the fact that we were both doing this without mentioning it to each other.

We soon found out that this was common behavior among all new parents. When that new child comes into this world, you just don’t want to take any chances.

And now.. you don’t have to.

Monobaby is a new kickstarter project and the idea is a wearable monitor that sends information to your iPhone – tracking live data and historical data that’s useful for monitoring sleeping trends.

Android users aren’t quite so fortunate, as Monbaby will only develop for the Android if the campaign reaches $100,000 in pledges. Based on the type of product this is and a quick look at how well baby item campaigns historically fair on Kickstarter, it’s a safe bet to say this won’t be coming to Android.

For iPhone users, a $79 pledge will get you the new Monbaby smartphone app and device – after it’s made it through to production.

You can watch the creator of Monbaby explain the product in greater detail below.

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