How To Lose Weight Before Summer

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Summer is almost here – but there’s still time to get in shape and look your best if you do it now.

The window of opportunity is small and if you’re interested in looking great when you shed the shirt at the pool this year, this is your last opportunity. Start now and you’ve got two good months until the start of June.

How much fat can you lose in two months?

The more fat a person has, the more fat that can be lost. If you’re on the high side of obese, you’re not going to make this summer’s curtain call but there’s no reason you shouldn’t start now and look amazing by next summer. For these individuals, slow fat loss is best.

men and women jumping into waterIf you’re border-line obese or just a bit heavier than you’d like to be, now is the time for fast fat loss. There are those who will preach against losing body fat too quickly, but we’re here to tell you – it can be done.

The reason that fast fat loss has gotten a bad rap is because individuals who want to lose unusually high amounts of body fat will forego their health in doing so. Don’t do that.

You do need to go on a very low calorie diet for the next couple months, but make sure that you’re getting an ample amount of fats and proteins. Your body needs both. Keep protein moderately high most days and alternate days with high carbohydrates and fats, so that you’re getting enough of each.

Your body can actually do without carbohydrates, but if you are on a low-calorie diet, you’ll want to get some carbs for energy. There’s no advantage to eliminating carbohydrates in your diet – except that carbohydrates do tend to stimulate hunger, so go easy.

Extremely low calorie deficits can work well, so long as they’re not maintained for too long. If you do this for a two-month period, you’ll want to have one day every couple weeks where you eat enough to feel full – but don’t overdue it or you’ll cancel out several days of progress.

This one day of eating a bit more is known as a refeed day. These days are important because they keep the hormones firing optimally and assure the body that there’s no shortage food – and hence, no reason to store body fat.

How Many Calories Should You Eat?

Man with lean bodyRemember – the most important thing in losing body fat is reducing calories. It’s the number one rule and it’s more important than anything else that’s hyped online or in books.

Exercise is great, and it’s necessary to maintain all your muscle on a severe calorie deficit, but it’s not what causes fat loss. If you eat 1,500 more calories than you should every day and jog for an hour, you’re still going to put on fat. Your body will store all excess energy that does not get used and it can only use so much. The trick is to reduce the amount of energy put into a system or power the system enough to use up all available resources.

The amount of calories necessary for fast weight loss will be different for each individual and it will vary due to your metabolic rate, the amount of daily energy you expend and how much willpower you have. Some people simply can’t hack a low calorie deficit. It actually takes a bit of practice to learn how to deal with the feeling that most people call “hungry”. This feeling of being hungry just a few hours after your last meal is actually a craving, induced by years of repetition regarding your food habits. Individuals who fast often (sometimes for a full day or longer) report that they eventually learn to control cravings and can go a full day without a strong feeling of being hungry.

A great place to start with a fast fat loss diet is your body weight x 8-10. A 200 pound man would make a goal of getting 1,600 to 2,000 calories a day. Have a few days when you go even lower, if the hunger isn’t overwhelming – and you will adapt.

Don’t concern yourself with the timing of your meals. Eat strategically. If you feel the greatest hunger in the evening, try skipping breakfast altogether every morning so that you can enjoy the majority of you calories in the evening. Your body still uses the same amount of calories every day. When you get those calories doesn’t matter. Meal frequency is another diet myth.

On your bi-weekly refeed day, eat your body weight x 15 in calories. Enjoy it. You’ve earned it.

With a drastic calorie deficit, a guy who is 30 pounds overweight could come very close to losing all of that by the start of summer – and even achieve it if daily exercise is worked in.

Don’t quit. You’ll be stoked when June arrives and your friends won’t believe it. You can then return to a normal amount of calories, which is probably closer to your weight x 15, give or take a few hundred calories based on your metabolism.

If you need any advice, give us a shout. We’ve got two certified trainers on board here and we’d love to help anyone who wants to get in shape.

But don’t think this year has passed you by because you haven’t started the diet just yet. It’s not too late to look great when the weather is warmest. You can lose all the weight you want before summer.

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