How To Buy A Backyard Dome

Sunrise Geodesic Dome

Got a big backyard? You might need a dome.

A seller on Etsy is marketing many variations of this rather unique product. Rather you’re looking for a four-foot dome sculpture, a greenhouse, garden trellis or chicken pen, there’s a dome for you.

Tents are cool, but seriously – wouldn’t a huge dome look way cooler?

Sunrise Dome

The functional domes range in price from $725 to $7249. They’re all handmade and built with galvanized steel tubing.

Each kit comes with everything you need to complete your backyard dome and shipping is free.

Sunrise Dome for Animals

It looks like a week-long project to get your dome standing and ready for use, but once it’s up and ready to go…

Dome Sweet Dome. Your backyard will never be the same.

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