How To Stop Facebook From Auto-Playing Videos

facebook video in stream

Ever since Facebook released it’s now famous IPO, it’s become increasingly more annoying in an attempt to turn itself from an ordinary social network into a advertising platform.

If putting video ads in our feed wasn’t offensive enough, the videos now auto-play while you scroll your feed.

Let’s put a stop to that.

If you’re using the Chrome browser, as the majority of internet surfers now do, it’s an easy task to block Facebook videos.

Simply pop open a new tab in Chrome and paste the following in your address bar: chrome://settings/contentExceptions#plugins

The window that appears gives you a choice in allowing or blocking specific behaviors from your every plugin – facebook videos in this case.

Scroll to the bottom and add the following in the ‘Hostname pattern’: [*.]

No more annoying videos playing – just the ones you want, as it should be.

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