Looking for a manly, and rather stylish, accessory to add to your wardrobe collection? The wooden watch is in.

Not just any wooden watch will do though.

Our search for the best has led us to Springbreak Wood Watches. The ruggedly-handsome timepieces look trendy and they’re eco-friendly – made of sustainable wood that is water resistant.

They’re priced right, too. All watches are less than $100. That’s a great deal for a Maple wood watch sporting a design as satisfying as offered here.

Our favorite is the SPGBK Blue Magic Watch – the staple watch of the Blue Magic Collection. This watch is unique and pure like no other. It features a deep blue face with gold trim through the watch. It embodies the spirit of the SPGBK brand. This collection was made only for the bold and unique. The Blue Magic is super light weight but thick enough to stand out. It can be described in one word: Awesome.

What should not go unmentioned when talking about Springbreak (the company’s official name) is their commitment to serving a greater good. They’ve made a promise to donate a portion of every watch sale to the North Carolina Association of Feeding America Food Banks, a hunger relief charity providing food to those going without in North Carolina.

Grab your new Springbreak Wood Watch today. You’ll finally have something to wear with that hand-carved wooden bow tie.