How To Make A Healthy Soft-Serve Treat

Like the idea of eating ice-cream more often but not a fan of the the influence it has on your fat cells?

You need a Yonanas.

With this nifty kitchen device, you can simply add in any kind of fruit you like (mix it up for some tasty creations) and you’ll soon have a soft-serve treat that tastes every bit as good as a bowlful of Ben and Jerrys.

Unless it’s the Cookie Dough. Have you had the Ben and Jerrys Cookie Dough?! It’s absolutely amazing.

We digress.

yonanas soft serve treatThe Yonanas turns fruit into ice-cream and it does so amazingly well – both in taste and texture. This is a game changer for individuals trying to achieve healthier eating or for those who are lactose intolerant and not ordinarily able to enjoy a big bowl of ice-cream.

For those wanting to add a bit of sugary goodness, simply throw in some chocolate chips, M&Ms, Oreo cookies – whatever you kind find around the kitchen.

The only drawbacks include noisy operation (not quite as loud as a chainsaw in your kitchen but you won’t be able to hear the TV) and having to use frozen, yet slightly thawed, fruit. But hey – it’s ice-cream, so it just makes sense that your fruit is going to have to be frozen for a bit.

You can grab a Yonanas over at Amazon for under a hundred bills. It’s the perfect soft-serve kitchen machine. If nothing else, it will make a fantastic Christmas present for Mom and Dad.

We’re willing to bet you’ll like this soft-serve dessert a lot more than Pepsi-flavored Cheetos.

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