How To Order Marijuana Pizza

pizza with medical marijuana symbol

With the advent of medical marijuana comes all sorts of new business opportunities. The most recent?

Pot Pizza.

A restaurant in Vancover, Canada is offering to spice up your pizza pie and bake in a little Mary Jane for an additional $10. Mega iLL is the first restaurant to make the offering and it’s a great way for the guy who always wants an all-meat pizza to add some veggies.

Here’s another great way to stay healthy.

“I’ll take pepperoni, sausage, hamburger.. and oh yeah, throw a little weed on there for me.”

Local patron, Stephen Bours, says the addition didn’t change the taste at all but others have reported that it makes it a bit tangier.

How’s it work? Manager, Anthony Risling, explains “basically we infuse it through an oil extraction process, where we drizzle the oil onto the pizza and it medicates you when you eat it. It’s a little different effect from smoking it. It takes maybe about a half hour for it to activate.”

The new marijuana laws require that a medical condition exists so adding the special ingredient does require that a customer produce a medical marijuana card.

But just as sales have started to see an increase, the restaurant may be forced to remove the addition of marijuana. A new law is likely soon to be in effect and it will no longer allow cannabis to added as an ingredient on a restaurant menu. Risling says they’ll respect the law if and when it gets passed and if they can’t bake it in the pizza, you’ll still be able to purchase it at the establishment and just get baked on your own.

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