How To Make Your Apartment Burglar Proof

Korner tag in window

I’m an old, married guy now and I’ve got old, married guy things – like my own house. But for the majority of my adult life, I lived in an apartment.

As a homeowner, I have made security a priority but as a renter, I had to gamble and simply hope that nobody would break in and steal my things.

Hey, I lived in a place that was costing me less than $300 a month in rent. Is there any doubt that I couldn’t afford to buy my own security system? And finding any apartment with a built in security system was the equivalent to finding gold in my own backyard when I was growing up.

I looked hard, but some things just don’t exist.

The times they are a changin’. There’s a new security device for apartment owners and it’s called Korner. It’s a very cool and inexpensive way to secure your living space.

Korner tag in windowKorner installs in minutes. It’s a motion-detecting “tag” that sits in the corner of your window and if any motion is detected, it sounds a high-pierced alarm while sending a signal to an included wireless dongle that plugs into your router. That signal is immediately passed on to your smartphone and you’re immediately alerted of the situation.


If you’re a poor college student (like I was), Korner isn’t going to set you back much. It’s priced at $99 and that includes 3 tags and the wireless dongle. You can mow a couple extra yards this month and swing it. $149 will get you six tags.

Don’t fall victim to a burglary. Technology has come a long way and there’s a lot you can do to protect your valuables. Korner might be one of the better solutions to date.

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