How To Light The Streets At Night

FreeStreet LED light

Ever considered how ugly and inefficient the age-old system of street lights is? A pole every block with those ugly wires hanging all down the street?

No thanks.

Philips, a Dutch electronics company, was tasked to create a better system – a new system that would light up the streets without all the clutter.

The result? FreeStreet.

FreeStreet uses horizontal cabling with built-in LED lights. The lights run parallel to the street and they don’t over-illumniate at night, so the sky is better visible.

Engineers of FreeStreet state that it’s the first lighting source to ever be integrated into a cable. No more light poles. No more flashlights.

The system must be attached to urban facade every 328 feet – besting traditional street lights by a wide margin, as they require a light source about every 70 feet. FreeStreet also consumes 40% less power than the old system.

FreeStreet won a 2011 Dutch Design Award for it’s creative idea and several cities are now interested in lighting up the night in this clearly innovative way.

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