How To Replace Your Golf Caddie

Stewart Golf X9 Follow following a golfer

If you enjoy the sport of golf but sometimes wish for an alternative solution to a caddie, we’ve found the perfect gadget for you.

The Stewart Golf X9 Follow is a robotic caddie that just might be the perfect golf partner. As you walk your favorite course, X9 will maintain a few paces behind you at all times. You can play as many holes as you like while your clubs are always accessible and your caddie is always quiet.

X9 Follow fits in your trunk and when you’re ready to play a few holes, you simply connect the battery, attach your golf bag and and place the X9 remote anywhere on your body. The remote can also be controlled manually.

X9 Follow Bluetooth Remote

If you’re golf course has a few hills, it’s no problem. X9 can easily travel up and down steep inclines.

As you’ve probably already guessed, the X9 has a pretty hefty price tag. If you want to look like a celebrity while playing golf, you’re going to have to shell out $3,250.00. Look at it this way – a decent zero-turn radius mower will set you back even more and one could argue that the X9 is every bit as practical!

Your wife might disagree.

It’s doubtful that Tiger Woods will ever purchase the X9 Follow, since he felt threatened by the ever-increasing popularity of Mike (Fluff) Cowan, firing him in 1999 – but this robot is certain to make you an instant celebrity while out on the greens.

Leave the conversation at home. Choose your own club every time. Play golf on your terms and get back to the more peaceful, spiritual aspects of golf. It’s all a part of owning the Stewart Golf X9 Follow.

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