How To See Blacked Out Baseball Games

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For the first time in many years, I decided to downsize my TV package and save a little money this year. It’s not that I couldn’t afford the rather pricey options that AT&T offered – I just realized there’s not much I watch on those “other” channels.

In fact, when I take a look at my DVR recordings, I realize that 90% of what I record and watch are shows on local stations. Outside of that, there’s a small mix of a few shows I record to have something else to watch – and then there’s the most important channel of all – the sports channel that I watch my beloved St. Louis Cardinals play baseball on.

So when I head over to check out the packages available to me at AT&T U-verse, I soon realize that I’m pretty much forced to upgrade to the U200 package for the absolute least expensive option to see all the Cardinal baseball games. I could live without those other shows that I record but I refuse to live without baseball.

Here’s what’s available to me over at AT&T:
U-Verse Packages

So if I want to watch all MLB games, I’m forced to pay an extra $56 a month. There’s no MLB or sports option that includes baseball games. There’s an NBA League Pass option for $59 but I’d rather watch paint dry.


Heading over the MLB, I soon realize that I can buy the MLB Premium package for $129.99. That sounds like a fantastic deal when compared $56 a month for the months of April to October (because the Cardinals nearly always play in October), but it’s for out of market games only. I can’t watch the only team I care about because I live too close to the team.

It’s time to relocate out of state.

Not my actual residence, mind you – just my computer. I headed over to SurfEasy and decided to purchase their Total VPN package for $49.99. This yearly rate allows me to mask my IP address on up to five devices (PC, iPhone, Android, etc) – essentially changing the geolocation that identifies the area my computer is transmitting from.

I went back and purchased the MLB Premium package and tried it out. I signed in to the MLB app and tried to pull up the Cardinals game. As expected, it told me I was in a blacked out area. I closed the app, headed over to SurfEasy and logged in. I can actually pick the location I want to link my computer to. I chose Singapore for my test and after verifying my IP address was now different, I launched the MLB app again and clicked on the Cardinal game.

Voila! There’ my Redbirds!

I can now watch any MLB game I want – any time I want to. I no longer have to subscribe to a bulky cable package, which contains 90% fluff and channels I’ll never watch anyway.

In comparing the savings, take $56 a month x 7 for a grand total of $392 I would have had to spend. By purchasing the MLB Premium Package and SurfEasy, I spent $180. There’s even a $30 SurfEasy option if you only need to use the VPN on one device – so if you’re frugal, you could potentially save even more money. Any way you look at it, you save over 50%.

I should mention that the SurfEasy VPN has great value aside from watching baseball games. When you sign on to a VPN, you’re creating an encrypted tunnel, which means if you happen to be surfing in a coffee shop, you’re no longer transmitting all your passwords over an open network for some hacker to steal. There’s no bandwidth limits on the service either, so you can stay logged in all the time for an extra measure of safety and security.

There are other VPN options and some pretty good ones out there, but I’ll continue to use SurfEasy so long as it’s affordable and keeps allowing me to watch free baseball games.

Rather you’re wanting to see blacked out football games, baseball, or any sport, a VPN will get the job done.

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