How To Buy A Phone For Kids

front and back of WeGo phone

Sprint is tapping into the toddler/pre-teen market with a new phone that is being marketed for children in the 5 to 12 year old range.

Sprint WeGo phoneThe Sprint WeGo is a starter phone that might just make sense – though it’s only available as an add-on for customers who have a Sprint account.

The phone is $0 down and $5 a month for 24 months. Strangely, there’s no option to buy it outright and with a grand total that comes to $120, it’s definitely a bit overpriced for a phone that obviously costs only a few dollars to produce. Sprint should just be up-front about what’s happening and give the phone away for free and add the extra $5 a month to the service charge.

Phone service will cost you $9.99 a month, plus taxes and fees – all added to your current Sprint contract. For this price, your child gets 1,000 minutes of talk time and 1,000 text messages.

Catering to parents, the WeGo allows for only 20 pre-programmed phone numbers and Mom and Dad decide on those. The phone will allow both incoming and outgoing calls from these numbers. There’s also an option for an automatic alert sent to a parent’s email or phone when the battery gets low or should your child pull the panic alarm.

using gps location with WeGo

Our favorite feature is the GPS on-demand location. The WeGo phone can be tracked on an interactive map from your PC, Android or iOS phone. So long as your child has the phone on him/her, you can pinpoint your child’s exact location every two minutes of every hour.

The phone is also shatterproof and water resistant. It might look a little boring but it’s made for some tough toddler use.

The Sprint WeGo is available as of today. Stop by your local Sprint shop or visit them online and inquire if you’re interested.

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