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The Snugg offers maximum protection while providing features that allow you to use your iPad in a more practical manner.


Looking to protect that new iPhone or iPad? Check out the protective case offerings from The Snugg.

I had been using a Belkin that I purchased from Walmart when Snugg reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their cases?

I had long suspected that all these smart device cases were the same but after the first week with my new Snugg case, I realized that I was wrong – and I found a product that exceeded my expectations in every way.

Snugg has a case for every model iPad. I have an iPad 3 and received a beautiful, black, leather case with an adjustable flip stand that allows for easy upright viewing.

The first thing that I noticed was the quality. The construction was far nicer than the Belkin I had been using and it really felt durable. There’s no way I can test the protective qualities of a new case without repeatedly throwing my iPad to the ground but it’s fair to say that the tough, cushioned material will give my iPad every chance of surviving a fall, should I drop it. My only concern is how long the folding flap will stay firm enough to ensure the iPad will stand on it’s own. I checked some other reviews and found that this does tend to weaken after several months.

There’s also an elastic band across the back of the case. That’s a great feature that I’ve used far more often than I thought I would, as it allows for easy one-hand holding of the iPad. If you like to read in bed, you’ll love this hand strap.

Snugg ExecutiveThe Snugg isn’t genuine leather like the Bear Motion but you’d hardly know it by the look and feel and after spilling a glass of water on my Snugg and not seeing any after effects, I have no problem with the material used to make The Snugg.

Functionality is another highly important feature to me and this is where The Snugg really shines. As there is a separate case for each model iPad, you can rest assured that the research and development team did a great job. All buttons are easily accessible, but well protected, and I can securely tuck my stylus away without fear of losing it. The sound coming from my iPad speaker isn’t impeded in any way either.

Customer service is the final consideration of any product I buy today and Snugg gets high marks. Their cases come with a lifetime guarantee. Amazon reviewers are in the thousands and the product has a 4.5/5 star rating – with many reviewers commenting on Snugg’s exceptional customer service.

The Snugg is an exceptionally designed case and the model I received is priced right at only $35.99. Snugg also makes cases for every other tablet manufacturer, such as Apple and Samsung, and there’s a lot of different styles and 14 different colors to choose from.

Snugg makes cases that are sleek, elegant and highly functional. Grab a Snugg today. You can order directly from Amazon or fill your basket at the official website of The Snugg.